Ugur Deneb Menda

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies
Assistent researcher
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Deneb received her PhD degree in Physics in Yildiz Technical University-Istanbul, Turkey. Her thesis was based on electrical characterization of silicon heterojunction (HIT) solar cells. After her doctoral studies she started to focus on organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells. She currently works in SuperSolar project ( to fabricate colloidal quantum-dot intermediate band solar cells (CQD-IBSCs) based in perovskite host materials, and improved with light trapping structures (photonics), to attain high power conversion efficiency and high stability.

Main publications

Seif J.P. , Menda U.D., Descoeudres A. , Barraud L., Özdemir O., Ballif C., De Wolf, S., "Asymmetric band offsets in silicon heterojunction solar cells: Impact on device performance", Journal of Applied Physics, vol.120, pp.1-7, 2016.

Menda D., Özdemir O., “Adaptation of Admittance Analysis to Extract Interface Traps of a-Si:H/c-Si Heterojunctions”, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 40,171-175, 2015.

Pehlivan O., Menda U.D., Yilmaz O., Kodolbas A.O., Ozdemir O., Duygulu O., Kutlu K., Tomak M., "Structural and interfacial properties of large area n-a-Si:H/i-a-Si:H/p-c-Si heterojunction solar cells", Materials Science in Semiconductor processing, vol.22, pp.69-75, 2014.

Menda, U. D., Özdemir, O., Tatar, B., Ürgen, M., Kutlu, K., “Transport and storage properties of CrSi2/Si junctions made using the CAPVD technique”, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 13, 257-266, 2010.