Sónia Cristina Carvalho Ferreira

Structural Materials
PhD student


Academic Profile: B.Sc in Materials Engineering (2004, Universidade do Minho); M.Sc. in Materials Engineering (2006, Universidade do Minho). Main scientific interests: Metal matrix composites Powder metallurgy Corrosion resistance Anodization process

Main publications

S.C. Ferreira, P.D. Sequeira, Yoshimi Watanabe, E. Ariza, L.A. Rocha; Microstructural Characterization and Tribocorrosion Behaviour of Al/Al3Ti and Al/Al3Zr FGMs; Wear 270 (2011) 806;


S.C. Ferreira, L.A. Rocha, E. Ariza, P.D. Sequeira, Yoshimi Watanabe, J.C.S. Fernandes; Corrosion Behaviour of Al/Al3Ti and Al/Al3Zr Functionally Graded Materials Produced by Centrifugal Solid-Particle Method: Influence of the Intermetallics Volume Fraction; Corrosion Science 53 (2011) 2058;


S.C. Ferreira, A. Velhinho, L.A. Rocha, and R.J.C. Silva; Corrosion Behaviour of Aluminium Syntactic Functionally Graded Composites; Int. J. Materials and Product Technology 39 (2010) 122;


T. Cadavez, S.C. Ferreira, P. Medeiros, P.J. Quaresma, L.A. Rocha, A. Velhinho, G. Vignoles; A Graphical Tool for the Tomographic Characterization of Microstructural Features on Metal Matrix Composites; International Journal of Tomography and Statistics 14 (2010) 3;


S.C. Ferreira, A. Velhinho, L.A. Rocha, F.M. Braz Fernandes; Microstructure Characterization of Aluminium Syntactic Functionally Graded Composites Containing Hollow Ceramic Microspheres Manufactured by Radial Centrifugal Casting; Materials Science Forum 587-588 (2008) 207;


A. Velhinho, F. Braz Fernandes, S.C. Ferreira, L.A. Rocha, G. Vignoles, P. Cloetens; Application of X-Ray Microtomography to the Microstrutural Characterization of Al-Based Functionally Graded Materials; Advances in Science and Technology 45 (2006) 1109;


S.C. Ferreira, E. Ariza, L. A. Rocha, J. R. Gomes, P. Carvalho, F. Vaz, A.C. Fernandes, L. Rebouta, L. Cunha, E. Alves, Ph. Goudeau, J. P. Rivière; Tribocorrosion Behaviour of ZrOxNy Thin Films for Decorative Applications; Surface and Coatings Technology 200 (2006) 6634;


E. Ariza, L.A. Rocha, F. Vaz, L. Cunha, S.C. Ferreira, P. Carvalho, L. Rebouta, E. Alves, Ph. Goudeau, J.P. Rivière; Corrosion Resistance of ZrNxOy Thin Films Obtained by rf Reactive Magnetron Sputtering; Thin Solid Films 469-470 (2004) 274.