Rodrigo Miguel Diogo Abreu

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies


Rodrigo Abreu obtained his Integrated Master's Degree in Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering from Nova School of Science and Technology in 2023. His master's thesis, titled "LASER INDUCED GRAPHENE MODIFICATION WITH METAL OXIDES FOR HIGH ENERGY DENSITY MICROS UPERCAPACITORS" focused on the development of an innovative and sustainable approach to produce micro supercapacitors modified with manganese oxide. Following the successful completion of his master's degree, Rodrigo embarked on the research journey as a member of the CENIMAT|i3N team. His current role as a researcher is focused on applications related to the preparation and characterization of graphene inks, carbon nanotubes among other. Rodrigo possesses expertise in various characterization techniques, such as SEM and Raman Spectroscopy

Main scientific interests: supercapacitors, metal oxides, graphene inks, inkjet printing, biosensors.