Nithin Joseph Reddy Sagili Arthur

Structural Materials
PhD Research Fellow
8 11633


Master´s from VIT University (Vellore) in Manufacturing Engineering Under Industrial Scholarship. Passionate Researcher in the field of Material Joining with focus on Metal Welding and Additive Manufacturing. 

Main publications

"Friction based joining process forhigh strength aerospace aluminium alloy". Materials Research Express 6(2019)0865a3 (2019):


"Effect of Austenitic Filler Wires on DuplexStainless Steel 2205 Weldment Made by Gas Tungsten Arc Welding". SAEInternational 2020 28-0431 (2020):


"Development of Pulsed Cold Metal Transfer and Gas Metal ArcWelding Techniques on High-Strength Aerospace-Grade AA7475- T761".Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 29 11/2020 (2020): 7270-7290.