Maria Helena Godinho

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Associate Professor with aggregation
218 - Edif. II 10610
107-D - Edif. II 10618


Graduation in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal, D.Sc, PhD and MSc in Materials Science from New University of Lisbon, Portugal. Nato/Invotan fellow at the Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée at Nice University in France. Member of the International Advisory Board 27th International Liquid Crystal Conference, Chairperson: 6th International Liquid Crystal Elastomer Conference, member of the Steering Committee: International Liquid Crystal Elastomer Conference, member of the International Advisory Board: 8th Ibero-American Workshop on Complex Fluids and their Applications. Invited overseas lecturer by the British Liquid Crystal Society (2016). Awarded the “Frederiks medal” in 2019 (field of Liquid Crystals), by Russian Liquid Crystal Society “Sodruzhestvo”

- Main scientific interests: Helena Godinho research is focused on several aspects of the molecular, mesoscopic (nano and micro scale) and macroscopic properties and behavior of soft materials and complex fluids, mainly liquid crystals (LCs) and cellulose-based systems (CBS). In addition she is interested in the modification, preparation and characterization of cellulose micro/nano rods. Considering the LCs as well as CBS and cellulose nano rods she is much involved in the study of their self-assembling, defects and photonic properties. Helena Godinho is also concerned in the use of liquid crystalline CBS for building moisture driven cellulose micromotors and electro-optical devices. The development and optimization of liquid crystal based light shutter sensors, which can be used as smart windows or dynamic scattering layers for solar cells are also among her main interests. She is involved in European as well as in National projects and at the present she is co-responsible for four PhD students and five Post-doctoral Fellowships.

Main publications

1-"When the smallest details count" M.H. Godinho, Science, 369 (6506), 918-919,  2020.   

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 2- "Spotting plants’ microfilament morphologies and nanostructures" Ana P. Almeida, João Canejo, Urban Mur, Simon Čopar, Pedro L. Almeida, Slobodan Žumer, and Maria Helena Godinho, PNAS, 116 (27) 13188-13193, 2019.                  

3- “Cellulose-based Biomimetics and Applications” Ana P. C. Almeida, João P. Canejo, Susete N. Fernandes, Coro Echeverria, Pedro L. Almeida and Maria H. Godinho*, Advanced Materials (Review), 30(19), 1703655, 2018 (back front cover).                           

4- “Mind the Microgap in Iridescent Cellulose Nanocrystal Films” S.N. Fernandes, P.L. Almeida, N. Monge, L.E. Aguirre, D. Reis, C.L.P. de Oliveira, A.M.F. Neto, P. Pieranski, M.H. Godinho*, Advanced Materials, 29(2), 1603560, 2016 (front cover).          

5- “Helical twisting of electrospun liquid crystalline cellulose micro- and nanofibers” J.P. Canejo, J.P. Borges, M.H. Godinho*, P. Brogueira, P.I.C. Teixeira*, E.M. Terentjev, Advanced Materials, 20(24), 4821, 2008.                                    

6- “Sensing surface morphology of biofibers by decorating spider silk and cellulosic filaments with nematic microdroplets” L.E. Aguirre, A. de Oliveira, D. Seč, S. Čopar, P.L. Almeida, M. Ravnik, M.H. Godinho, S. Žumer, PNAS, 113(5), 1174, 2016.

7- “Shaping helical electrospun filaments: A Review” P.E.S. Silva, F. Vistulo de Abreu, M.H. Godinho*, Soft Matter, 13(38), 6661 (2017).  !divAbstract

8- “Helical Microfilaments with Alternating Imprinted Intrinsic Curvatures” P.E.S. Silva, M.H. Godinho*, Macromolecular rapid communications, 38(5), 38(5), 1600700 , 2017 (back cover).                                              

9- “Hierarchical wrinkling on elastomeric Janus spheres” A.C. Trindade, J.P. Canejo, P. Patricio, P. Brogueira, P.I. Teixeira, M.H. Godinho*, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22(41), 22044, 2012.!divAbstract

10- “Water-Based Cellulose Liquid Crystal System Investigated by Rheo-NMR” G. Yong, P.L. Almeida, G.M. Feio, J.L. Figueirinhas, M.H. Godinho*, Macromolecules, 46(11), 4296, 2013.

11- “A cellulose liquid crystal motor: a steam engine of the second kind” Y. Geng, P.L. Almeida, S.N. Fernandes, C. Cheng, P. Palffy-Muhoray*, M.H. Godinho*, Scientific Reports, 3 Article Number:1028 DOI: 10.1038/srep01028, 2013.

12- “Liquid crystal necklaces: cholesteric drops threaded by thin cellulose fibres” Y. Geng, D. Sec, P.L. Almeida, O.D. Lavrentovich, S. Zumer, M.H. Godinho*, Soft Matter, 9(33), 7928, 2013 (cover) (Hot paper July 2013).!divAbstract

13- “Rheo-NMR study of water-based cellulose liquid crystal system at high shear rates” C. Echeverria, P.L. Almeida, G. Feio, J.L. Figueirinhas, A.D. Rey, M.H. Godinho*, Polymer, 65, 18, doi:10.1016/j.polymer.2015.03.050, 2015.

14- “Liquid crystalline cellulose derivative elastomer films under uniaxial strain” M.H. Godinho*, D. Filip, I. Costa, A.L. Carvalho, J.L. Figueirinhas, E.M. Terentjev, Cellulose, 16(2), 199, 2009.

15- “Cellulose-Based Liquid Crystalline Photoresponsive Films with Tunable Surface Wettability” L.F.V. Pinto, S. Kundu, P. Brogueira, C. Cruz, S.N. Fernandes, A. Aluculesei, M.H. Godinho*, Langmuir, 27(10), 6330, 2011.

16- “Wrinkling Labyrinth Patterns on Elastomeric Janus Particles” A.C. Trindade, J.P. Canejo, L.F.V. Pinto, P. Patricio, P. Brogueira, P.I.C. Teixeira, M.H. Godinho*, Macromolecules, 44(7), 2220, 2011.

17- “How to mimic the shapes of plant tendrils on the nano and microscale: spirals and helices of electrospun liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives” M.H. Godinho*, J.P. Canejo, L.F.V. Pinto, J.P. Borges, P.I.C. Teixeira, Soft Matter, 5(14), 2772, 2009.!divAbstract