Maria Elias Lopes Pereira

PhD student
Materials for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies
1.18 Clean Room


Maria Elias Pereira completed the Integrated Master in Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering in 2018 by Nova School of Science and Technology. Her master thesis, entitled “Characterization of direct X-ray Detectors based on Organic Semiconductor Thin Films” was carried out at the University of Bologna in a collaborative work with CENIMAT|i3N. She is attending the PhD in Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences at Cenimat|i3N at Nova School of Science and Technology since September 2020 and her focus is on “Optoelectronic memristive devices based on oxide semiconductors for the next generation of information technology”. She has extensive experience in clean-room processes and characterization techniques and has participated in several projects. Her research has so far resulted in 15 published articles in international journals, 5 as main author, including one book chapter (h-index of 10 as of May 2024).


Main scientific interests: micro and nanofabrication; amorphous oxide semiconductors; low-temperature electronics; resistive switching devices; thin-film transistors; optoelectronic devices; low-voltage designs; artificial synapses; flexible and transparent technology.


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