Maria do Carmo Henriques Lança

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Assistant Professor
+351 21 294 85 64


PhD in Physical Eng. 2003 (FCT/UNL). - Main scientific interests: Biomaterials; Dielectric Materials; Dielectric and electrical properties of cork; Polymers and composites; Electrically ageing of polymers; Cellular Materials;

Main publications

M.C. Lança, J. Domingues, I. Franco, "Study of fractal properties in Lichtenberg Figures" in "Fractal Reviews in the Natural and Applied Sciences", edt. Miroslav Novak, Chapman & Hall, pg 133-144, 1995;

M. C. Lança, L.A. Dissado, J.N. Marat Mendes, “The fractal analysis of water trees: an estimate of the fractal dimension”, IEEE Trans. Diel. and Elect. Ins., vol. 8(5), pp. 838-844, 2001;

M.C. Lança, E.R. Neagu, R.M. Neagu, C.J. Dias, J.N. Marat-Mendes, “Space charge studies in LDPE using combined isothermal and non-isothermal current measurements”, IEEE Trans. On Diel. Elect. Ins, vol. 11(1), pp. 25-34, 2004;

M. Carmo Lança, M. Fu, E. Neagu, L. A. Dissado, J. Marat-Mendes, A.Tzimas, S. Zadeh, “Space charge analysis of electrothermally aged XLPE cable insulation”, J. Non-Crystalline Solids, vol. 353, pp.4462-4466, 2007;

E.R. Neagu, R. M. Neagu, C.J. Dias, M.C. Lança, J. N.Marat-Mendes, “The determination of the metal-dielectric interface barrier height from the open-circuit isothermal charging current”, J. Appl. Pys., vol.104(3), Art. No. 034102, 2008;

M.C. Lança, M. Brandt, E.R. Neagu, C.J. Dias, J.N. Marat-Mendes, “Dielectric Spectra of Natural Cork and Derivatives”, J. Non-Crystalline Solids, Vol. 356, pp. 763-767, 2010;

A. Pedrosa, M. C. Lanca, J. P. Borges, E.R. Neagu, C.J.  Dias, J.N. Marat-Mendes, “Influence of Polarization on the Bioactivity of Nanopowders of Hydroxyapatite”, pp. 55-56, 14th  International Symposium on Electrets, August 2011.