Maria do Carmo Henriques Lança

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Assistant Professor
+351 21 294 85 64


PhD in Physical Eng. 2003 Electrical ageing studies of polymeric insulation for power cables (FCT/UNL).


Main scientific interests: Biomaterials; Electrical polarization and its influence on bone and teeth replacement; Electrically aging of polymers; Electroactive Materials (dielectric and piezoelectrics); Dielectric and electrical properties of cork; Polymers and composites; Cellular Materials.

Main publications

S. S. Teixeira, M. P. F. Graça, J. Lucas, M.A. Valente, P. I. P. Soares, M. C. Lança, T. Vieira, J. C. Silva, J. P. Borges, L.-I. Jinga, G. Socol, C. Mello Salgueiro, J. Nunes, L.C. Costa, “Nanostructured LiFe5O8 by a Biogenic Method for Applications from Electronics to Medicine. Nanomaterials“, 11 (2021), 193.

Gavinho, S. R., Prezas, P. R., Ramos, D. J., Sá‐Nogueira, I., Borges, J. P., Lança, M. C., Silva, J. C., Henriques, C. M. R., Pires, E., Kumar, J. S., Graça, M. P. F. (2019). Nontoxic glasses: Preparation, structural, electrical and biological properties. International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, ijac.13243.

P. Prezas, B. Melo, L. Costa, M. Valente, M. C. Lança, J. Ventura, L. Pinto, M. Graça. “TSDC and impedance spectroscopy measurements on hydroxyapatite, β-tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite/β-tricalcium phosphate biphasic bioceramics”. Applied Surface Science, 424 (2017):28-38. 

M. C. Lança, M. Brandt, E. R. Neagu, C. J. Dias, J. Marat-Mendes. Dielectric Spectra of Natural Cork and Derivatives. J. Non-Crystalline Solids 356 (2010):763-767.

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