Isabel Maria Mercês Ferreira

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies
Associate Professor with aggregation
Coordinator of Integrated Master in Micro and Nanotechnologies Engineering
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PhD in Hydrogenated amorphous and nanocrystalline Silicon produced by HWPA-CVD Technique, October 2002 at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL), in the field of Materials Engineering, specialization in Optoelectronics and Microelectronics. Since 2013 is Associated Professor at Department of Materials Science (DCM) of FCT-UNL; Assistant professor in the period of 2002-2013 at FCT-UNL. Since 2002 is a member of the scientific board of DCM. Vice-director of the Materials Research Centre-CENIMAT (2008-2014), Responsible by the Electronic Materials and Nanotechnologies group (2006-2012); Member of the executive board of the DCM (since 2008); Coordinator of the Master Course in Engineering of Micro and Nanotechnologies of FCT-UNL (since 2013). - Main scientific interests: Oxides Thin Film Thermoelectric Materials; Plasmonics for nanocrystalline/amorphous silicon solar cells; Solid state batteries on paper and bio-batteries; Graphene supercapacitors; Development of organic semiconductors based on micro/nano fibres; Sintering of nano-oxides for electronics applications; Nano-toxicology; Magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia.

Main publications

Seweryn Morawiec, Manuel J Mendes, Sergej A Filonovich, Tiago Mateus, Salvatore Mirabella, Hugo Águas, Isabel Ferreira, Francesca Simone, Elvira Fortunato, Rodrigo Martins, Francesco Priolo, Isodiana Crupi, Broadband photocurrent enhancement in a-Si: H solar cells with plasmonic back reflectors, Optics Express (2014), 22, 104, A1059-A1070. IF=3.546

D Gaspar, AC Pimentel, MJ Mendes, T Mateus, BP Falcão, JP Leitão, J Soares, A Araújo, A Vicente, SA Filonovich, H Águas, R Martins, I Ferreira. Ag and Sn Nanoparticles to Enhance the Near-Infrared Absorbance of a-Si: H Thin Films, Plasmonics (2014), DOI 10.1007/s11468-014-9709-0, IF=2.45

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Loureiro, J.; Santos, J.; Nogueira, A.; Wyczisk, F.; Divay, L.; Reparaz, S.; Alzina, F.; Torres, C. M Sotomayor; Cuffe, J.; Montemor, F.; Martins R. and Ferreira I, Nanostructured p-type Cr/V2O5 thin films with boosted thermoelectric properties, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2014) 2, 18, 6456-6462 - Royal Society of Chemistry. IF=6.101

Neves, N.; Lagoa, A.; ….; Ferreira, I.; Al-doped ZnO nanostructured powders by emulsion detonation synthesis–Improving materials for high quality sputtering targets manufacturing, J. of the European Ceramic Society (2014) 34, 10, 2325-2338. IF=2.581

Ferreira, I.; Baptista, A.; Leitão, J.; Soares, J.; Fortunato, E.; Martins, R.; Borges, J.P.; Strongly Photosensitive and Fluorescent F8T2 Electrospun Fibers, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 298, 2 (2013) 174-180. IF=2.338

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Neves, N.; Barros, R.; …..; Martins, R.; Ferreira, I.; Aluminum doped zinc oxide sputtering targets obtained from nanostructured powders: Processing and application, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 32, 16, (2012) 4381-4391: IF=2.581

Aguas H.; Ram, SK; Araujo, A; Gaspar, D; Vicente, A; Filonovich, SA; Fortunato, E; Martins, R; Ferreira, I. Silicon thin film solar cells on commercial tiles, Energy& Environmental Science (4) 11 (2011) 4620-4632. IF=11.65

Baptista, AC; Martins, JI; Fortunato, E; Martins, R; Borges, JP; Ferreira, I,  Thin and flexible bio-batteries made of electrospun cellulose-based membranes,  Biosensor & Bioelectronics  (26) 5  (2011) 2742-2745. IF= 5.389

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Books /Books Chapter
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