Ghulam Abbas

Research Assistant
Materials for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies
Gab. 207 DCM DCM Clean Room


I am Ghulam Abbas, currently pursuing a Ph.D. with the prestigious La Caixa fellowship under the supervision of Professors Hugo Aguas and Manuel Mendes. My research focuses on highly efficient and flexible thin-film epitaxial silicon/perovskite tandem solar cells. Previously, I worked on resistive switching memories and nano-superconductor composites. I completed a Master's in Science at the International Islamic University and a Bachelor of Science at the University of the Punjab, Pakistan. Throughout my academic journey, I have published research articles in high-impact factor journals and received several awards and honors. My work primarily revolves around photovoltaics, specifically focused on silicon thin-film growth for high-efficiency SHJ and SHJ/Perovskite tandem solar cells.


A Low Power‐consumption and Transient Nonvolatile Memory Based on Highly Dense All‐Inorganic Perovskite Films.

Recent advances and challenges toward application of fibers and textiles in integrated photovoltaic energy storage devices.

A smart flexible supercapacitor enabled by a transparent electrochromic electrode composed of W18O49 nanowires/rGO composite films.

Significance of flexible substrates for wearable and implantable devices: recent advances and perspectives.