Fábio Brandão

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies
Office Number | Extension Number: Open Space CEMOP Nanophotonics and Energy Lab 2.1.18 CEMOP f.brandao@campus.fct.unl.pt


I'm currently a Master's Student in Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering at NOVA School of Science and Technology, holding a Bachelor's in the same field. In parallel I am a Research Fellow deeply immersed in the intricacies of photonics and its applications for new and impactful technologies.

My area of focus is the study and application of simulation and nanofabrication methods, mainly directed towards solar energy technologies, but still holding the potential to be applied to a wide range of photonic and electronic devices.

I started my research path while interning at INL, followed by a second internship at CENIMAT|i3N, where I later had the opportunity of being integrated as a Research Initiation Fellow.