Elin Maria Soares de Figueiredo

Structural Materials
Assistant researcher
1.17 11612


PhD in Conservation Science (2010, UNL, Lisbon, Portugal), Post-Graduation in Pre-History and Archaeology (2006, FL-UL, Lisbon, Portugal), 5 year degree in Conservation and Restoration (2004, FCT-UNL, Caparica, Portugal). Main interests are on ancient metal studies, achaeometallurgy, experimental archeology and conservation science. The most recent works focus on the study of copper based metallurgy from Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age Portuguese archaeological sites and on the long term corrosion of copper base alloys such as bronze.

Main publications

E. Figueiredo, R.J.C. Silva, M.F. Araújo, F.M. Braz Fernandes (2013), Multifocus optical microscopy applied to the study of archaeological metals, Microscopy and Microanalysis 19, 1248-1254. E. Figueiredo, M.F. Araújo, R.J.C. Silva, R. Vilaça (2013), Characterisation of a Proto-historic bronze collection by Micro-EDXRF, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research B 296, 26-31. E. Figueiredo, P. Valério, M.F. Araújo, R.J.C. Silva, A. Monge Soares (2011), Inclusions and metal composition of ancient copper-based artefacts: a diachronic view by Micro-EDXRF and SEM-EDS, X-Ray Spectrometry 40, 325-332. E. Figueiredo, M.F. Araújo, R.J.C. Silva, J.C. Senna-Martinez, J.L. Inês Vaz (2011), Characterisation of Late Bronze Age large size shield nails by EDXRF, micro-EDXRF and X-ray digital radiography, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 69, 1025-1211. E. Figueiredo, R.J.C. Silva, J.C. Senna-Martinez, M.F. Araújo, F.M.B. Fernandes, J.L. Inês Vaz (2010) Smelting and recycling evidences from the Late Bronze Age habitat site of Baiões (Viseu, Portugal), Journal of Archaeological Science 37, 1623-1634. E. Figueiredo, R.J.C. Silva, M.F. Araújo, J.C. Senna-Martinez (2010) Identification of ancient gilding technology and Late Bronze Age metallurgy by EDXRF, Micro-EDXRF, SEM-EDS and metallographic techniques, Microchimica Acta 168, 283-291. E. Figueiredo, R.J.C. Silva, F.M.B. Fernandes, M.F. Araújo (2010) Some long term corrosion patterns in archaeological metal artefacts, Materials Science Forum 636-637, 1030-1035.