Dorina Papanastasiou

Junior Researcher
Materials for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies
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Currently as a Junior Researcher in CENIMAT|i3N, FCT-NOVA, I'm working on the development of electrically and thermally conductive printed technologies for large scale applications, i.e., building construction panels and low-cost vehicles, in the framework of PRR projects. In parallel, I’m working on the development of micro-electrodes with high-resolution at micrometer scale for a wide range of IoT applications. With a Bachelor in Physics in the University of Athens, my hometown in Greece, I pursued a Master in Nanophysics in Grenoble, France. At the LMGP lab, I completed my PhD and Postdoc in transparent electrodes and heaters, based on silver nanowire networks. Then, I spent a year in Japan, as a JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Someya Group Lab, the University of Tokyo, and member of LIMMS/IIS-CNRS. My research there focused on the integration of organic-based, skin-conformable electrodes into smart textiles for biomedical applications. I thrive on merging various experimental techniques and modelling methods and working in academia-industry collaborative projects. Constantly involved in popular science, climate action, and equity in science, I also find joy in expressing my research investigations into paintings. My personal interests span writing poetry, amateur theater, yoga, hiking, and Japanese calligraphy.


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