Célia Maria Reis Henriques

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Assistant Professor


Graduation in Physics (1989) at Universidade de Coimbra; PhD in Surface Physics (2003) from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Actual scientific interests: Tissue Engineering and Nanomedicine.

Main publications

- José Luís Ferreira,  Susana Gomes, Célia Henriques, João Paulo Borges,  Jorge Carvalho Silva, "Electrospinning polycaprolactone dissolved in glacial acetic acid: fiber production, non-woven characterization and in vitro evaluation", to be publicated in Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

- S.R. Gomes, G. Rodrigues, G.G. Martins, C.M.R. Henriques, J.C. Silva,  "In vitro evaluation of crosslinked electrospun fish gelatin scaffolds", Materials Science and Engineering C 33 (2013) 1219–1227.

- C. Henriques, R. Vidinha, D. Botequim, J. P. Borges, and J. A. M. C. Silva, "A Systematic Study of Solution and Processing Parameters on Nanofiber Morphology Using a New Electrospinning Apparatus",  J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 9 (2009) 3535.