Carlos Miguel de Castro Silva

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies
PhD Student


Carlos Silva completed his Integrated MSc Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in February 2021 at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

His Master thesis entitled "Artificial synapse based on oxide based memristors'', was carried out at CENIMAT|i3N, and involved the fabrication of amorphous oxide resistive switching devices (ZTO memristors) and their respective electrical characterization for potential use in neural networks.

As of September 2021, Carlos has started his PhD work at CENIMAT|i3N with the objective of developing sustainable amorphous zinc-tin oxide (a-ZTO) based memristors that mimic the behaviour of biological synapses for neuromorphic systems.

With experience in electrical device characterization, he is currently a member of the "Neuroxide" project, that aims to achieve full hardware integration of memristive devices and thin-film transistors for neuromorphic computing.


- Main scientific interests

Amorphous oxide semiconductors; Deep Neural Networks; Spiking Neural Networks; Resistive switching devices; Artificial synapses; Neuromorphic Computing. 




Main publications

Silva, C.; Martins, J.; Deuermeier, J.; Pereira, M.E.; Rovisco, A.; Barquinha, P.; Goes, J.; Martins, R.; Fortunato, E.; Kiazadeh, A. Towards Sustainable Crossbar Artificial Synapses with Zinc-Tin Oxide. Electron. Mater. 2021, 2, 105-115.