Ana Sofia Tomaz Teixeira de Pádua

PhD student
Soft and biofunctional materials group
257 Ed.1 & 240 Ed.1


Sofia has a master’s degree in Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering from Nova School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), wrote a master thesis on “study and development of synthetic bone strips for spine fusion applications” in a partnership with BioCeramed. Following the MD conclusion, Sofia worked in ISkin2, a project that aims to design a fully functional skin substitute at CENIMAT FCT NOVA

Currently, Sofia is doing her PhD in materials science and engineering in CENIMAT/i3N research center (FCT NOVA and Universidade de Aveiro). Her PhD thesis aims to improve bone regeneration and reduce infections, by doping bioactive glasses with ions that provide antimicrobial properties and pro regenerative response from the immune system.

Her main research interests are related to the production and characterization of scaffolds for application in tissue engineering and scaffolds interaction with cells.