Postdoc and PhD Position | Project SUPERIOT

Project SUPERIOT – “Truly Sustainable Printed Electronics-based IoT Combining Optical and Radio Wireless Technologies” is a new EU project that will start in January.
In our research center, the SUPERIOT project aims to explore the printing of supercapacitors, memristors and sensors on flexible substrates. The selected PhD candidate will work closely with other team members to develop and optimize inks based on 2D materials processed by liquid phase exfoliation and/or sol-gel synthesis to be able to print the aforementioned devices. This project is based on sustainable production principles. Supervisors: Joana Doria Vaz Pinto, João Coelho and Emanuel Carlos. (Link:
The Postdoc shall (i) optimize the formulation of two-dimensional (2D) material inks prepared by liquid phase exfoliation techniques and/or combustion methods; (ii) conduct ink-jet, screen and flexographic printing processes and electrical characterization of devices (sensors, supercapacitors and memristors); (iii) participate in clean room processing to assist on the fabrication of the devices and (iv) participate in the supervision of MSc and PhD students whose theses are involved in the context of SUPERIOT project.  (Link: