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EIT Jumpstarter Competition 2019
Turn your innovative idea into a budding business!
Welcome to our joint EIT JumpStarter Competition 2019 co-organised with EIT Health and EIT Food! EIT JumpStarter Competition is an innovation contest aiming to reach out, identify and support the best ideas from researchers, professionals and early-stage start-ups, with a potential impact in the Raw Materials Value Chain.
Get engaged with Europe’s largest thematic innovation networks (EIT RawMaterials, EIT Health, EIT Food), learn how to validate your business concept, develop your business plan and pitch your idea to future investors. You will learn how to get started on building a business in a unique cross-industry environment: how to build a team, business processes, organizational design. The primary focus is on quantitative business model building. At the end of the program, graduates will prepare their pitch deck, business model canvas, competitive landscape, go-to-market strategy, roadmap.
To enter the Competition, submit your idea of an innovative product or service that can make an impact in the raw materials sector. The winners will receive a prize and will be involved in various events organised by the EIT RawMaterials, and have an opportunity to network with the world’s largest community in the raw materials sector.
The EIT JumpStarter Competition 2019 is divided into four phases:
Phase 1: Submission of ideas
-To participate in the Competition, the applicants must present a brief description of their idea of the innovative product or service proposed, answering predetermined questions online. A template is available which includes the questions and guidelines. The applicants should put emphasis on: the innovative concept, competitive advantage, customers and potential market.
Ideas submission deadline: 1 March 2019.
-The best ideas will be selected to go to the next phase.
Phase 2: Boot Camp and Coaching
-The applicants selected in phase 1 will be invited to participate to a 2-day Bootcamp, where they will be trained on fundamental business skills (business modelling, pitching etc.). Bootcamps will be organised in various places from April to May 2019. Participating teams or individuals will be awarded € 1,000 per team/individual as lump-sum scholarship for the travel costs related to the participation to the allocated Bootcamp in phase 2.
-The payment of the scholarship will be done upon successful completion of the Bootcamp training.
-At the end of the Bootcamps EIT RawMaterials will evaluate the pitch decks and the pitches and based on those will invite the best 50% of the participants to continue in phase 3.
Phase 3: Local Joint Trainings
-The applicants that went through the phase 2 and have succeeded in the final pitch of phase 2 will be invited to Local Joint Trainings, organized in various places from September to October 2019. Participating teams or individuals will be awarded € 1,000 per team/individual as lump-sum scholarship for the travel costs related to the participation to the allocated Local Joint Trainings and – if invited – the Joint Grand Final event in phase 3.
-The payment of the scholarship will be done upon successful completion of the Local Joint Training.
-Among the applicants to phase 3, six finalists will be selected to go to the next phase.
Phase 4: Mentoring and Final Pitching
-The invited finalists will have a chance to get further training and dedicated mentoring through the EIT RawMaterials Business Developers to compete at the Joint Grand Finals with other EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities. The teams will pitch their idea in front of the Jury, composed of EIT RawMaterial’s staff and partners.
-The top 3 winners will be selected from the Jury and awarded: 
1st prize: € 10,000
2nd prize: € 7,000
3rd prize: € 5,000
Which topics are relevant?
EIT RawMaterials aims at supporting new solutions in the fields of exploration, mining, and processing of raw materials as well as their manufacturing into products, recycling, and integration into a Circular Economy (including design and manufacturing of tools and equipment, smart products and services, end-of-life product management).
Metals and minerals are the main target of the EIT RawMaterials innovation community. Bio-based materials (energy, agricultural, polymers) are excluded, if not considered for the potential substitution of critical, toxic mineral or metallic materials or for optimized performance.
The JumpStarter Competition of EIT RawMaterials covers two thematic categories:
Primary production of raw materials including:
-Exploration and raw materials resource assessment
-Mining in challenging environments
-Increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes
Secondary production of raw materials including:
-Recycling and material chain optimisation for End-of-Life products
-Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products and for optimised performance
-Design of products and services for the circular economy
Key dates
-Deadline for submitting business ideas: 1 March 2019 at 17:00 CET
-Selection of ideas and invitation of the Bootcamps: 15 March 2019
-Bootcamps: April to May 2019 
   -12-13 April in Riga, Latvia
   -3-4 May in Budapest, Hungary
   -10-11 May in Ljubljana, Slovenia
   -17-18 May in Naples, Italy
   -24-25 May in Warsaw, Poland
   -31 May – 1 June in Madrid, Spain
-Local Joint Trainings: September to October 2019
-joint Grand Final and awards: November 2019 (to be defined)
Please note that dates could change.
Further information
To get in touch with your regional Innovation Hub, called Co-Location Centers (CLCs) of the EIT RawMaterials, check the list of Innovation Hubs and countries covered by them:
-Innovation Hub CLC Baltic Sea: Baltic states, Finland, Norway and Sweden
-Innovation Hub CLC East: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Western Balkans
-Innovation Hub CLC Central: France, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland
-Innovation Hub CLC North: Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Sweden
-Innovation Hub CLC South: Italy and Spain
-Innovation Hub CLC West: Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, UK
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