Tressaud International Symposium on Solid State Chemistry for Applications and Sustainable Development

Tressaud International Symposium on on Solid State Chemistry for Applications and Sustainable Development, is dedicated to honoring the lifetime achievements of Prof. Alain Tressaud, a renowned figure in the field of solid state chemistry and materials sciences. This symposium will be held as part of 2019 Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit (SIPS 2019), a yearly event that is deeply science-focused and industrial engineering-oriented, organized by the not-for-profit corporation FLOGEN Stars Outreach, which is dedicated to achieving sustainability through science and technology. It incorporates summit plenary lectures from well-known speakers that address the link between scientific and engineering domains in the pursuit of sustainable development, as well as specific science and engineering symposia that feature technical presentations with the same goals in mind. The symposium and overall summit is planned to be held in Cyprus from 23-27 October 2019.
Are confirmed until now the participations of Dan Shechtman (2011 Nobel Laureate), Kurt Wuthrich (2002 Nobel Laureate), Andre Geim (2010 Nobel Laureate), Klaus Von Klitzing (1985 Nobel Laureate) and others will be confirmed shortly. As President of SIPS 2019.
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