Call for papers – Invitation to authors

E-MRS 2017 Spring Symposium Y: Topical section in pss (a)
Paper electronics: from materials to applications
Symposium organizers:
Rodrigo Martins, Antonio José Felix de Carvalho, Ari Alastalo and David Guerin
Related to the forthcoming E-MRS meeting in Strasbourg we will be publishing conference proceedings of Symposium Y in pss (a) – applications and materials science. These will follow the established tradition of similar symposia publications in our journal (see In collaboration with the symposium organizers, the meeting organizers and the pss Editorial Office we cordially invite you to contribute an Original Paper manuscript based on your oral or poster presentation. Invited speakers will have the opportunity to submit Feature Articles (topical reviews).

All submitted manuscripts will undergo peer review. According to the editorial policy of pss, two positive recommendations by independent referees are a prerequisite of acceptance. Peer review and publication occur on individual manuscript basis. Published in Wiley Online Library Early View few weeks after acceptance, your article is citable immediately; hence there is no waiting for the remainder of the contributions. When editorial handling of all articles is complete, the proceedings and topical sections will be assembled in regular monthly issues of pss. Such a clustering of related articles will raise the visibility of these articles significantly.

Please refer to the guidelines received from the symposium organizers and the author instructions available on our homepage ® Author Guidelines (including Word template and LaTeX style files and the link to online submission through Editorial Manager). You should mention the symposium in your cover letter and select the appropriate topical section/category Paper electronics - E-MRS 2017 Spring Symp Y during online submission to expedite handling.