PostDoc opportunity in Latvia

Duration: 3 years (start 2017).
Salary: 2731 Euro/month (before tax) I 2000 Euro/month (after tax) + 800 Euro/month for travels and infrastructure.   
Who is eligible: PhD holders, who got PhD degree later than 20 October 2011.
Application and selection procedure:
-    Every applicant has to find the scientific advisor in Latvia and agree on a topic of the project to be supported;
   Applicants write a project, while the Latvian part write their part of the application;
-    Application will be reviewed by the commission of EU experts and successful applicants will be selected, based on their professional qualifications and scientific quality of the project.

The following topics could be chosen  (but not only):
- metal oxide nanostructures and their applications
- graphene and composite materials
- plasmonic nanostructures
- photocatalysis
- sensors and biosensors etc.

Deadline: October 2016.
For the detailed information and further explanations, please, contact Dr. Volodymyr Khranovskyy (MEON, CENIMAT-I3N) by e-mail