Prof. Rodrigo Martins awarded with Doctor Honoris Causa degree by Dunarea de Jos University from Galati


Senate "Lower Danube" Galati granted the academic title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Ferrao Paiva Martins, the Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Scientific career of Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Martins has a dynamic and extraordinary regularity. He always chose to work in the field demonstrated competence and the valuable scientific results produced for the benefit of the working team, but the whole scientific world. A license acquired diplomas, masters and doctorate in microelectronics and materials science, between 1974-1982. Graduation themes work and dissertation topic of empowerment, are connected with the semiconductor materials and their application in electronic components, electronic transparent and photovoltaic production. His doctoral theme was: "a-Si: H Solar Cells Processing and Characterization". Most research, especially related to electronic devices and transparent thin films, semiconductors made of oxides, artificial nanostructures, were always topics of the May today's world. results are contained in more than 400 articles by the first author or coauthor, in prestigious journals included in Web of Science. Nevertheless, the impact of these items is important, because a simple search in databases shows over 700 of their citations. Since 1979, scientific work of Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Martins has been linked to the scientific university, the University of Lisbon and Center for Research in Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, and lead you, as director , in 1989. Also, he is founder of the Research Center for Materials Science (CENIMAT), whose first director was.

Granting academic title of Doctor Honoris Causa of UDJG is a recognition of the scientific value and merit of research manager of the candidate's effort, undeniable attributes of Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Martins. Equally, such a rewarding way privileged professional relationships between the candidate and members of the university, which is represented by Mr B. Diaconu thesis led joint degrees with Viorica Mu and signed with the scientific work of our university researchers and the collaboration with the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of UDJG.