Sara Isabel Holbeche Sequeira

Structural Materials
Research scholarship


Sara received her Bacherol degree in Materials Science Engineering from FCT-UNL (2010) and her Master Degree in Energy and Environment Engineering from FCUL (2012). She worked in several research projects regarding solid state dye sensitized solar cells (PTDC/CTM-CER/111590/2009), tandem dye sensitized solar cells (EXPL/CTM-ENE/0304/2012) and silicon solar cells (Solar Ribbons). She is currently working as a researcher on the project MAGPHOGLAS, a project aimed to develop new doped boro-phosphate vitreous materials to be applied in photonics. This work is being developed in CENIMAT, UNL under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Regina Monteiro. Main Scientific interests: -Renewable energy. -Materials for energy conversion and energy detection. -Materials characterization using electrical and optical characterization, XRD and SEM.

Main publications

M. A. Barreiros, S. Sequeira, L. C. Alves, V. Corregidor, F. Guimarães, J. Mascarenhas, and M. J. Brites, "Microscopy techniques for dye distribution in DSCs nanocrystalline TiO2 films," Microsc. Microanal., vol. 21, no. S6, pp. 88–89, Aug. 2015.

É. Torres, S. Sequeira, P. Parreira, P. Mendes, T. Silva, K. Lobato, and M. J. Brites, "Coumarin dye with ethynyl group as π-spacer unit for dye sensitized solar cells," J. Photochem. Photobiol. A Chem., vol. 310, pp. 1–8, 2015.