Pedro Emanuel Santos Silva

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Senior Researcher, Full Member of CENIMAT|I3N
111 -Edif. II 10633
107-D - Edif. II 10618


- Academic Profile: Degree, Master Degree in Physics (2008 and 2010, University of Aveiro) and Ph.D. in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (2018, University of Aveiro). Main scientific interests: Molecular dynamics simulations, GPU computing, Polymer Physics, Helices, Tendril perversions.

Main publications

1. P. E. S. Silva, F. Vistulo de Abreu and M. H. Godinho. Shaping helical electrospun filaments: A review. Soft Matter, 13:38, 6661-6958 (2017). This paper was selected by the Editor to be the inside front cover (10.1039/C7SM90161E).

2. P. E. S. Silva and M. H. Godinho. Helical Micro filaments with Alternating Imprinted Intrinsic Curvatures. Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 38:5, 1600700 (2017). This paper was selected by the Editor to be the back cover (10.1002/marc.201770018).

3. P. E. S. Silva, J. L. Trigueiros, A. C. Trindade, R. Simoes, M. H. Godinho, R. G. Dias and F. V. de Abreu. Perversions with a twist. Scienti c Reports, 6, 23413 (2016).

4. P. E. S. Silva, F. Vistulo de Abreu, R. Simoes and R.G. Dias. A first approach to model filament dynamics with a computer. European Journal of Physics, 31, 1473-1483 (2010).