Luís Filipe Verga Vieira Pinto

Soft and biofunctional materials group


BSc in Applied Chemistry - Organic Chemistry (FCT/UNL, Portugal 2002), PhD in Organic Synthesis (FCT/UNL, Portugal 2008), Post-Doc in GMPM – CENIMAT (New University of Lisbon, Portugal 2009-2010).

Professional status: Manager, Biopolymer Manufacturing (Altakitin). Full member at CENIMAT.

Main scientific interests:
Organic synthesis of liquid crystals and cellulose derivatives. Preparation of micro and nanowires from liquid crystalline solutions by electrospinning. Liquid crystalline cellulose systems/organic and inorganic nanoparticles solutions. Microfluidics devices. Production of biopolymers and derivatives (custom synthesis). Medical devices (specially chitosan-based)