Luis Ever Aguirre

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Postdoctoral fellow
1.15 11610
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Ph.D. Physics (2011, FaMAF/IFEG, Argentina), B.Sc. in Physics (2006, UNC, Argentina).

- Main scientific interests:

Liquid crystals and cellulose derivatives. Microscopic and macroscopic properties and behavior of complex fluids.

Main publications

“Regular structures in 5CB liquid crystals under the joint action of ac and dc voltages” Aguirre, L.E., Anoardo, E., Éber, N., Buka, Á., Physical Review E 85, 041703 (2012).

“On The Acoustic -Director Interaction In The Smectic A Phase” Perlo, J., Aguirre, L.E., Revelli, J., Anoardo, E. Chemical Physics Letters Volume 450, Issue 1-3, 14 December 2007, Pages 170-174.