José Luís Constantino Ferreira

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Assistant professor
249 - Ed. I 10506
240 - Ed. I 10569


Graduation in Physics Engineering from FCT/UNL in 1991. Master degree in Instrumentation, Industrial Maintenance and Quality from FCT/UNL in 1997. PhD in Biophysics in 2006. Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of FCT/UNL since 2006. Interests in Tissue Engineering, Instrumentation and Automation.

Main publications

"Endovascular pressure measurements: validation with a pulsatile flow model and hemodynamic assessment of brain AVMs"; Forjaz Secca M, Vilela P., Ferreira J.L., Lopes F.C., Goulão A; Interventional Neuroradiology 10: 281-291, 2004.

"Argon temperature and density versus the input power in a high pressure planar magnetron discharge"; M.L. Escrivão, P.J.S. Pereira, J.L.C. Ferreira, M.R. Teixeira, J.M.P. Maneira; Vacuum  64 (2002) 367-371.