Joana Maria Santos Raminhos

Structural Materials
Lab. 101D - II


- Academic Profile

J. Raminhos received her B. Sc and M. Sc degree in Materials Engineering from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL) in 2018. She is currently working as a researcher in a project developing Anepectic meshes, with a focus in additive manufacturing techniques, modelling and fabricating bidimensional lightweight composite meshes capable of demonstrating auxetic properties (negative Poisson’s ratio (NPR)) in combination with negative thermal expansion (NTE) behavior. She was also a research intern at MIT in which she researched mesenchymal stem cell behavior (2017, MIT - Biological Engineering in the Laboratory for Material Chemomechanics).


- Main scientific interests

Main interests in the area of additive manufacturing techniques, polymeric composites materials, materials with anepectic properties.

Main publications

J. S. Raminhos , J. P. Borges , A. Velhinho (2019) Development of Polymeric Anepectic Meshes: Auxetic Metamaterials With Negative Thermal Expansion

Smart Mater. Struct.


Rennerfeldt, D.A., Manning, N., Raminhos, J. S., Van Vliet, K.J. (2019) Technological advancements in image processing and analysis for label-free investigations of bone marrow stromal cell behavior.


Rennerfeldt, D.A., Raminhos, J. S., Leff, S., Manning, N., and Van Vliet, K.J. (2018)  Emergent heterogeneity in putative mesenchymal stem cell colonies: single-cell time lapsed analysis 

(In Review, PLOS ONE)