Javier Contreras

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies


Javier Contreras (born 1975) received his MSc degree in Robotics and Automation in 2005 from the Robotics department at Salford University. He has a few years of industrial experience: 10 months as Programmer and Research Assistant at GEC-ALSTHOM, Tarbes, France and Valencia, Spain 1995-1997, 10 months as Computing Analyst at Hewlett-Packard (HP), Madrid, Spain, 3 years as Systems Analyst (pre-sales) at XEROX, Madrid, Spain, performing high print volume systems installation/implementation within client network as well as pre and post sales assistance of these systems, XEROX software and systems client training as well as demonstrations to clients of these systems and visiting clients with sales representatives in order to create or expand business with XEROX. From 2004-present, he has been a researcher at Uninova, Caparica, Portugal, under the European Community Marie Curie actions network, Marie Curie actions European project. (www.assemic.net). He was a Founder & Associate of a nanobiotechnology start-up company “Prova Essencial Lda.” from 2007-2009, under the COTEC-New University of Lisbon Entrepreneurship MBA Lecture / Start-up creation programme (www.cotec.pt) working on the development of DNA detection prototype systems (hardware & software) based on gold nanoparticle technology. He is currently pursuing his PHD at the new University of Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal, while working on the development of real-time 3D rendering systems (hardware/software) using arrays of Position Sensitive Detectors (3D sensor - array of 32/128 detectors).