Filipe Veiga de Macedo Almeida

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Post-doctoral researcher


Filipe has a BSc in Biomedical Engineering (Instituto Politecnico do Porto) following by a MSc and a PhD in Materials Science in London at the School of Engineering and Materials Sciences (Queen Mary, University of London). During his time in London, Filipe has devoted his time in using microengineered substrates to decipher how cells respond to their surrounding microenvironment.  Following his PhD, Filipe joined Dr. John Connelly lab (Barts the London School of Dentistry and Medicine, London), where he developed a high-throughput migration assay using tunable microprinted surfaces and discovered new epigenetic regulators of epithelialization. In 2017, Filipe joined the Melanoma Research Center (The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia USA), where he studied how the biomechanics of the tumor microenvironment promote melanoma metastasis and resistance to targeted therapies. Now Filipe will develop a novel drug delivery biomaterial using dual-responsive membranes with the aim to specifically target cancer cells.

Main publications

Almeida F. V. et al. (2019) High-Content Analysis of Cell Migration Dynamics within a Micropatterned Screening Platform, Advanced Biosystems 3(8): 1900011 (Front Cover).

Almeida F. V., et al. (2018) Bad company: Microenvironmentally Mediated Resistance to Targeted Therapy in Melanoma, Pigm Cell and Melanoma Research 32(2):237-247.

Ecker B. L., Kaur A., Douglass S.M., Webster M. R., Almeida F. V. et al. (2018) Age-Related Changes in Lymphatic Permeability May Dictate Routes of Melanoma Metastasis, Cancer Discovery 9(1):82-95.

Kaur A., Ecker B.L., Douglass, S.M., Kugel CH 3rd, Webster M. R., Almeida, F.V., et al. (2019) Remodeling of the Collagen Matrix in Aging Skin Promotes Melanoma Metastasis and Affects Immune Cell Motility. Cancer Discovery 9(1):64-81.

Almeida F. V. et al. (2015) Cytolinker plectin regulates nuclear mechanotransduction in keratinocytes, J. Cell Science 128 (24) 4475-84. (Front cover and highlighted paper)

Stachewicz U., Qiao T., Rawlinson S.C.F., Almeida F. V. et al. (2015) 3D imaging of cell interactions with electrospun PLGA nanofiber membranes for bone regeneration. Acta Biomaterilia 27: 88–100

Costa P, Almeida F. V., Connelly J.T. (2012) Biophysical signals controlling cell fate. Int J Biochem Cell Biol., 44(12): 2233-7.