Alexandra Maria Fonseca Castelo Dias de Carvalho

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Scientify Management at CENIMAT node of the PTNMR net
1.16 11611
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Bachelor in Physics, Master in Physics, PhD in Physics (2001).

Main scientific interests:

Nuclear Magnetic resonance

Nuclear Magnetic imaging


Superparamagnetic nanoparticles

Localized NMR spectroscopy

Contrast agents for MRI

Fast Field Cycling NMR

Main publications

M.B.F. Martins, M.L. Corvo, P. Marcelino, H.S. Marinho, G. Feio, A.Carvalho,”New long circulating magnetoliposomes as contrast agents for detection of ischemia-reperfusion injuries by MRI”Nanomedicine:Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine Vol.10, Issue 1, 207-214, (2013).

M. R. Faria, M. M. Cruz, M. C. Gonçalves, A. Carvalho G. Feio, M. B. F. Martins ”Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetoliposomes for MRI Contrast Enhancement”International Journal of Pharmaceutics 446, 183–190 (2013).

A. Carvalho, M. Clara Gonçalves, M.B. Martins, Diana Meixedo, G.Feio,”Relaxivities of Magnetoliposomes: the effect of cholesterol” Magnetic Resonance Imaging 31,610–612, (2013).