Alexandra José Rodrigues

Structural Materials
PostDoc researcher at IberianTin
1.17 11612


PhD in Conservation Science (2019, NOVA, Lisbon, Portugal), Master (2013, FCT-NOVA, Caparica, Portugal) and Bachlor degrees (2010, FCT-NOVA, Caparica, Portugal) in Conservation-Restoration, specialisation in Conservation Science. Main interests are on glass and other inorganic materials studies, achaeometry/material characterisation and conservation science. The most recent works focus on the study of glass collections, stone consolidation and novel materials development. Currently integrating the FCT funded project IberianTin dedicated to the study of copper-based metallurgy and tin mining from Bronze Age to Roman times in NW Iberian Peninsula.

Main publications

A. Rodrigues, S. Gutierrez-Patricio, A. Z. Miller, C. Saiz-Jimenez, R. Wiley, D. Nunes, M. Vilarigues, M. F. Macedo. Fungal biodeterioration of stained-glass windows. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 90 (2014) p. 152-160.

A. Rodrigues, S. Fearn, T. Palomar, M. Vilarigues. Early stages of surface alteration of soda-rich-silicate glasses in the museum environment. Corrosion Science, 143 (2018) p. 362-375.

A. Rodrigues, S. Fearn, M. Vilarigues. Historic K-rich silicate glass surface alteration: Behaviour of high-silica content matrices. Corrosion Science, 145 (2018) p. 349-361.

A. Rodrigues, S. Fearn, M. Vilarigues. Mixed reactions: Glass durability and the mixed-alkali effect. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 102:12 (2019) p. 7278-7287.

T. Palomar, A. Rodrigues. Environmental degradation of Modern non-balanced glasses. Ge-conservacion, 17 (2020) 226-232

A. Rodrigues, B. Fonseca, A. P. Ferreira Pinto, S. Piçarra, M. F. Montemor,. Exploring Alkaline Routes for Production of TEOS-Based Consolidants for Carbonate Stones Using Amine Catalysts. New Journal of Chemistry (2021) Advance Article.

A. Rodrigues, M. Coutinho, A. Machado, B. A. Martinho, L. C. Alves, M. F. Macedo M. Vilarigues. A transparent dialogue between iconography and chemical characterisation: a set of foreign stained glasses in Portugal. Heritage Science 9:22 (2021).