Recent Publications

Ferreira, S. H., Cunha, I., Pinto, J. V., Neto, J. P., Pereira, L., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R. (2021). UV-Responsive Screen-Printed Porous ZnO Nanostructures on Office Paper for Sustainable and Foldable Electronics. Chemosensors, 9(8), 192.

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Guerreiro, B., Silva, J., Lima, J., Reis, M., & Freitas, F. (2021). Antioxidant Potential of the Bio-Based Fucose-Rich Polysaccharide FucoPol Supports Its Use in Oxidative Stress-Inducing Systems. Polymers, 13(18), 3020.

Marques, A. C., Pinheiro, T., Morais, M., Martins, C., Andrade, A. F., Martins, R., … Fortunato, E. (2021). Bottom-up microwave-assisted seed-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles onto nanocellulose to boost stability and high performance for SERS applications. Applied Surface Science, 561, 150060.

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Tara, A., Bharti, V., Sharma, S., & Gupta, R. (2021). Device simulation of FASnI3 based perovskite solar cell with Zn(O0.3, S0.7) as electron transport layer using SCAPS-1D. Optical Materials, 119(May), 111362.

Lima, P. C., Rodrigues, P. F., Ramos, A. S., da Costa, J. D. M., Braz Fernandes, F. M., & Vieira, M. T. (2021). Experimental Analysis of NiTi Alloy during Strain-Controlled Low-Cycle Fatigue. Materials, 14(16), 4455.

Taurisano, N., Bravetti, G., Carallo, S., Liang, M., Ronan, O., Spurling, D., … Rizzo, A. (2021). Inclusion of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides in Perovskite Inks and Their Influence on Solar Cell Performance. Nanomaterials, 11(7), 1706.

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Tyndall, D., Jaskaniec, S., Shortall, B., Roy, A., Gannon, L., O’Neill, K., … Nicolosi, V. (2021). Postsynthetic treatment of nickel–iron layered double hydroxides for the optimum catalysis of the oxygen evolution reaction. Npj 2D Materials and Applications, 5(1), 73.

Oliveira, M. J., Cunha, I., de Almeida, M. P., Calmeiro, T., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., … Franco, R. (2021). Reusable and highly sensitive SERS immunoassay utilizing gold nanostars and a cellulose hydrogel-based platform. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 9(36), 7516–7529.

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Nunes, D., Fragoso, A. R., Freire, T., Matias, M., Marques, A. C., Martins, R. F. de P., … Pimentel, A. (2021). Ultrafast Microwave Synthesis of WO 3 Nanostructured Films for Solar Photocatalysis. Physica Status Solidi (RRL) – Rapid Research Letters, 15(9), 2100196.