Sofia Henriques Ferreira

Materials for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies
PhD Student
1.18 11613


Sofia Henriques Ferreira received her Master’s degree in Engineering Physics in 2014 and she is currently a PhD candidate in Advanced Materials and Processing at CENIMAT/i3N from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal. She is working on developing and optimizing thin films of metal oxide semiconductors presenting simultaneously transparency, conductivity and luminescent properties – Luminescent TCOs – to improve conversion efficiency in solar cells. Her current research interests include thin films technology, including both chemical and physical deposition processes, as well as ZnO-based nanostructures and thin films for several applications, such as sensors and photocatalysts for the degradation of pollutants in water.

Main publications

Pimentel, A., Ferreira, S., Nunes, D., Calmeiro, T., Martins, R., Fortunato, E., "Microwave Synthesized ZnO Nanorods Arrays for UV Sensors: a Seed Layer Annealing Temperature Study", Materials 2016, 9, 299; doi:10.3390/ma9040299