Maria Teresa Varanda Cidade

Soft and biofunctional materials group
Professora Auxiliar com Agregação
219-II 10606
3 11618


- Academic Profile Graduation in Chemical Engineering (IST/UTL, 1983) / PhD in Materials Science – Polymeric and Mesomorphic Materials (FCT/UNL, 1994) / “Agregação” in Materials Science – Polymer Engineering (FCT/UNL, 2006). - Main scientific interests: Rheology (including electrorheology and rheo-optics) of complex systems (polymers and polymeric base systems, liquid crystals, nanocomposites, biomaterials, building materials, etc.) Mechanical characterization of polymers and polymers composites Polymer processing

Main publications

In December 2018 she had published around 100 publications, 61 indexed in ISI/SCI.
Below are a selection of the most representative ones.

A. Bubnov, M. Cigl, A. Machado, D. Pociecha, V. Hamplova, M. T. Cidade, “Design of calamitic self-assembling reactive mesogenic units: mesomorphic behaviour and rheological characterization”, Liquid Crystals, 45, 561–573, 2018.

LG Baltazar, F Henriques, MT Cidade, “Grouts with Improved Durability for Masonry Consolidation: An Experimental Study with Non-Standard Specimens”, Key Engineering Materials, 747, 480-487, 2017.

R. Gallego, T. Cidade, R. Sánchez, C. Valencia, J.M. Franco, “Tribological behaviour of novel chemically modified biopolymer-thickened lubricating greases investigated in a steel-steel rotating ball-on-three plates tribology cell”, Tribology International, 94, 652-660, 2016.

João Avó, M. T. Cidade, Vincent Rodriguez, João C. Lima, A. Jorge Parola, “Photorheological Ionic Liquids”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 119, 22, 698-709, 2015.

S. Goswami, T. Brehm, S. Filonovitch, M.T. Cidade, “Electrorheological properties of polyaniline-vanadium oxide nanostructures suspended in silicone oil", Smart Mater. Struct. 23 paper 105012, 2014.

L. Baltazar, F.M.A.. Henriques, F. Jorne, M.T. Cidade, “The use of rheology in the study of the composition effects on the fresh behaviour of hydraulic lime grouts for injection of masonry walls”, Rheologica Ata, 52, 127-138, 2013.

A.P. Duarte, J.F. Coelho, J.C. Bordado, M.T. Cidade, M.H. Gil “Surgical adhesives: Systematic review of the main types and development forecast”, Prog Polym Sci, 37, 1031-1050, 2012.

M.T. Cidade, M. Fernández, S. Filipe, A. Santamaria, “PVT and oscillatory tests to analyze pressure effects on polypropylene/Rodrun LC3000 blends: Determination of the pressure dependency of the Viscosity”, Polymer Testing, 31, 290-296, 2012.

M. T. Cidade, A.R. Menon, C.R. Leal, C.K.S. Pillai, “Experimental Results on the Rheological and Rheo-Optical Behaviour of PET/Liquid Crystalline Polymer Blends”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 107, 1280 – 1289, 2008.

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M.T. Cidade, C.R. Leal, M.H. Godinho, P. Navard e A. F. Martins, "Rheological Properties of Acetoxypropylcellulose in the Thermotropic Chiral Nematic Phase", Molecular Crystal Liquid Crystal, 261, 617-625, 1995.