Bruno Miguel Morais Faustino

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies
Post-Doctoral Researcher
206 - Edif. II 10602
213 e 209 10628


Miguel undertook a BSc (Hons) Chemistry degree at Kingston University London where in graduated with First Class in 2011. At that time, Miguel was also awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Download Local Section Trust Award for the chemistry undergraduate student of the year.

Later, he became particularly interested in organic-inorganic hybrid energy conversion systems as he won a scholarship for a PhD degree at Kingston University in the field Materials Science in 2011.

In 2016, Miguel successfully concluded his PhD. with a thesis entitled “Preparation and Luminescent Properties of Nanoparticle-organic Polymer Composites” at Kingston University London. This work focussed on the non-emissive triplet state energy harvesting of luminescent polymers via mechanisms of energy transfer in hybrid systems of nanocomposites.

Miguel is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher employed under the scope of a project (TransFlexTeg) funded by the European Union within the H2020 program. 

He is also a full Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Research Interests:

Thin Film Thermoelectric Materials;

Organic semiconductors micro/nano fibres;

Hybrid semiconductors;

Coloidal Kinetics for nanoparticle synthesis;

Efficient hybrid systems for light emitting diodes;

Energy transfer systems in hybrid systems of organic luminescent polymers;

Organic electronics and photovoltaic materials.

Conducting polymer synthesis, properties and device applications, e.g. Biosensors.


Main publications

Faustino, BMM, Gomes, D, Faria, J, Juntunen, T, Gaspar, G, Bianchi, C, Almeida, ABA, Marques, A, Tittonen, I & Ferreira, I. (2018), 'Cul p-type thin films for highly transparent thermoelectric p-n modules' Scientific Reports, vol 8, no. 1, 6867. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-25106-3

Ropio, I., Baptista, A., Nobre, J., Correia, J., Belo, F., Taborda, S., Morais Faustino, B., Borges, J., Kovalenko, A. and Ferreira, I. (2018). Cellulose paper functionalised with polypyrrole and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) for paper battery electrodes. Organic Electronics, Accepted/In Press. DOI: